Raspberry Lunettes de Romans

The doyennes of Maison Jacquemart’s biscuits, Lunettes de Romans are made in our factory at Romans-sur-Isère on the very edge of Provence.


These shortbread biscuits filled with a delicious French apricot jam have been with us since our earliest childhoods and delight generation after generation of biscuit fans.

This expertise was imported to France in the Middle Ages by our Italian neighbours and at Maison Jacquemart, we have kept the recipe for this ancestral legacy exactly the same. Proud of our 100% French products, we carefully select our ingredients: delicious butter, flour from French wheat and fresh eggs.

Our raspberry Lunettes have the comforting and deliciously tangy flavour of raspberry jam.

Our ingredients

Because good ingredients make good cakes.


Our origins

Our factory is in Romans-sur-Isère


Our inventions

Drôme is the birthplace of a delicious invention: the Lunette de Romans


A Jacquemart

A jacquemart is a small mechanised figure that strikes the hours on a bell with a hammer