Our company

In our factory in the heart of the Drôme orchards, we helped restore the famous “Lunettes de Romans” biscuits, the descendants of a traditional Italian recipe from the Middle Ages, to their former glory. We decided to buy another factory in Limousin to make lovely soft cakes like financiers, sponge cakes and Creusois sponges to help promote our regions and their expertise. After over 30 years, we are still making pastries and cakes in our two factories, each perpetuating its own traditions of French biscuit and cake-making and its historic expertise.

“Our products have the happy smells of a childhood spent in fields of lavender under the shade of olive trees”

Our expertise

In our opinion, expertise also requires the celebrated skill with which we apply ourselves to make great French patisserie classics.

For us, tradition and simplicity are the most important.
Today, we are proud to have successfully safeguarded our historic expertise and heritage without forgetting to develop, innovate and imagine new recipes every day.

What is a jacquemart ?

A jacquemart is a small mechanised figure that strikes the hours on a bell with a hammer. Often in painted metal or wood, the jacquemart is a piece of art that can be found on the clocks in churches and cathedrals in French villages.
In Romans-sur-Isère there is a jacquemart on the Jacquemart Tower, a former gate to the city’s ramparts.
Our company was named in its honour.

Our factories

Since 1989, Maison Jacquemart’s factories have been hidden away in Drôme at Romans-sur-Isère, and in La Celle-sous-Gouzon in the beautiful Creuse countryside.

Maison Jacquemart is a big family and enjoys working, innovating and reinventing itself every day to delight gourmets of all ages.

Our ingredients

Because good ingredients make good cakes.


Our origins

Our factory is in Romans-sur-Isère


Our inventions

Drôme is the birthplace of a delicious invention: the Lunette de Romans


A Jacquemart

A jacquemart is a small mechanised figure that strikes the hours on a bell with a hammer